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Converting Flat Rate Subsidies to Low-Income Solar Installs
Millions of Americans struggle to pay their energy bills, with low-income households spending an average of 7.2 percent of their household income on utilities, over three times more than higher income households. Given the proven ability of residential...
Jul 27, 2016
In this report, which appeared in PV Tech's May 2016 Power Magazine, Amit Ronen and Josh Harmon of the GW Solar Institute analyze how the value of solar generation tends to decline as it becomes an increasingly greater share of any one region's energy...
Jun 03, 2016
Now in its sixth year, the annual National Solar Jobs Census is the nation’s only comprehensive solar jobs assessment produced by The Solar Foundation and BW Research Partnership, in partnership with the GW Solar Institute.
Jan 12, 2016
Federal tax policies have been an important driver for solar’s recent remarkable growth, but without action during the 114th Congress, the 30-percent investment tax credit (ITC) for solar and other clean energy technologies will expire at the end of 2016...
Apr 15, 2015