Work at GWSI

Work at the gw solar institute


We do not have any current openings at this time. 


We welcome all applications from prospective Solar Scholars and encourage local graduate and undergraduate students to apply.

We are currently seeking interns for the following start dates: 

  • Summer 2016 (May 16, 2016 to August 19, 2015) 
  • Fall 2016 (Starting August 29, 2016) 
  • Spring 2017 (Starting January 17, 2017)

To learn more or apply, visit our Solar Scholars page.

New Research

Converting Flat Rate Subsidies to Low Income Solar

Can Electricity Rate Subsidies Be Reallocated to Boost Low-Income Solar?

Author:  Amit Ronen | Dor Hirsh Bar Gai | and Lucas Crampton

Organization:  GW Solar Institute

Report Date: 2016


Will Solar Burn Out On Its Own Success?

Author:  Amit Ronen and Josh Harmon

Organization:  GW Solar Institute

Report Date: 2016

reforming power

Reforming the Power Sector: How Electricity Sector Reforms Will Impact China’s National Emissions Trading Scheme

Author:  Josh Harmon | Xieyao Chen | Michelle Ker | Matthew Nitkoski