Solar 101

A primer on solar energy and the US solar industry trends.


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Solar 101

How can I go solar if I don't have a suitable roof?

Many homeowners who want to invest in solar energy believe that putting solar on the roof is not a practical option because their roof may be improperly oriented, shaded by trees, or have limited s


Does solar make sense in northern states?

While the Southwest region of the United States has some of the best solar resources in the world, almost all areas of the continental United States and Southern Canada have solar resources suitabl

Solar Ready Vets

What resources are available to veterans interested in solar jobs?

There is a growing recognition of the high transferability of skills from the military to solar.


Could solar really meet most of the world's energy needs?

Today, solar energy provides less than one percent of the world's energy, but that share could grow considerably with the right public policies and continued price reductions.

Best Research cell efficiencies

How efficient are photovoltaic technologies?

As with any energy conversion process, there is a physical limit for the photovoltaic conversion process.


Are rooftop solar panels a fire hazard?

Like other household appliances, solar systems are rated and certified for electrical safety.


Do solar panels contain toxic chemicals?

The most commonly utilized solar technologies use inert materials found at every building site including silicon (glass), aluminum (frame) and copper (wiring).


Will Congress extend solar tax incentives expiring in 2016?

The 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for residential and commercial solar systems will expire on December 31, 2016, after which the ITC credit drops to 10% for commercial systems and

solar panel

What’s the difference between solar power and solar energy?

Solar energy is broadly defined as the total energy that the sun radiates through visible light and other unseen electromagnetic waves.


What federal tax policies are currently in place for solar?

Two federal tax policies, the 30 percent Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and the 5-year Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS), have underpinned the solar industry’s rem

leasing and owning

Is leasing or owning better for me?

Bottom Line: leasing is better if it's allowed in the your state and you do not have money to pay the upfront cost of the solar panels.


How do solar incentives compare to other energy source subsidies?

Government incentives and subsidies, specifically at the federal level, are crucial to bringing any new source of energy to commercialization and allowing it to compete in the marketplace. 


How would I get electricity when the sun isn’t shining?

If you have solar panels on your home or business, you can still get as much additional electricity as you need from your local distribution grid.

Policy Driver

What are the main policies driving solar growth?

While there are many different solar related policies on the federal, state, and local levels, the three most important and impactful solar policy drivers are the federal 30-percent Investment Tax

net metering

What is “net metering” and why are people arguing about it?

Net energy metering (NEM) is a policy adopted in more than 40 states and the District of Columbia that allows electricity consumers to sell excess electricity generated from their solar p

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How much land would it take to power the U.S. with solar?

According to a 2008 analysis by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, supplying a

Solar home

Does having solar on my home increase its value?

Historically, home appraisers have been reluctant to include solar system values in their home assessments.


How big is the US solar industry?

The US solar industry is growing so fast that new data collected on the industry is almost out of date as soon as it’s published.

Solar Thermal Plant

What are the different kinds of solar electricity generation technologies?

There are many different technologies to generate electricity from solar energy.

gw kogan

Does GW use solar power?

GW is working hard to become a leader in solar energy and has created several projects to achieve its goals.

Solar jobs

How do I get a job in the solar industry?

Now is a great time to be looking for employment in the solar industry.

Cost of Solar Graph

Will solar PV prices continue to decline?

While there have been some technological advances that account for the remarkable 80 percent reduction in photovoltaic (PV) panel prices over the last five years or so,