PV ValueTM Real Estate Tool


Report Date: 2012


In this webinar, Geoff Klise from Sandia National Laboratories, and Jamie Johnson from Solar Power Electric discuss the recently released PV ValueTM spreadsheet tool developed for the appraisal and real estate industries to aid in making a market value determination for residential and commercial solar PV systems. PV ValueTM uses an income capitalization approach to determine the capitalized value which is the present value of the energy produced during the power production warranty lifetime. This tool has been formally endorsed by the Appraisal Institute and is being used to educate appraisers on how to value a solar PV system as part of a real estate transaction. Funding for developing PV ValueTM initiatied with DOE EERE for a Solar America Communities project and is now being funded as a market transformation activity under the SunShot Initiative.


New Research

Press Conference

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