Staff and Student Researchers Directory

Director, GW Solar Institute
Amit Ronen is the Director of the GW Solar Institute and a Professor at the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration at the George Washington University. In this capacity he focuses on the economic, technical, and public policy issues associated with the development and deployment of solar energy.
James Mueller, Director of Research
Director of Research, GW Solar Institute
James Mueller is the Director of Research for the GW Solar Institute, where he oversees the Institute’s broad research agenda. In addition to coordinating with partners and collaborators on research projects, he also conducts original research that promotes pragmatic policy solutions for barriers to solar energy deployment.
Solar Scholar
Lucas Crampton studies Global Public Health at the Elliott School of International Affairs and examines environmental issues through the interdisciplinary minor in Sustainability.  His research at the Solar Institute focuses on solar implementation for low-income households and community solar projects on contaminated industrial sites.
Solar Scholar
Hannah Hickman is a junior at George Washington University, majoring in Environmental Studies and Political Science, and minoring in Sustainability and GIS. Her main research focuses lie in urban sustainability, sustainability compliance, and policy regarding energy.
Solar Scholar
Louis "Austin" Klevan is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in International Business with a Minor in Sustainability. As a Solar Scholar at the GW Solar Institute, he is currently researching and analyzing the global solar supply chain, solar company business activities, as well as financing and regulatory trends.
Solar Scholar
Anshul Saxena is pursuing  Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with concentration in Electrical Power & Energy. As a Solar Scholar at the GW Solar Institute, he currently researches and analyzes different Solar Portfolios (in developing economies like India) and current trends in Global Solar Industry. He is a strong proponent of renewable energy and its need for a sustainable future.  
Joshua Harmon
Solar Scholar
Josh Harmon is a recent graduate of the International Affairs M.A. program at George Washington University. He focused his master’s degree on energy security, power sector governance, and climate change and is currently seeking opportunities in the field. Before moving to Washington DC, Josh was a consultant for a boutique strategy firm in Chicago.
Aaron Patron
Solar Scholar
Aaron is currently pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering at George Washington University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. After receiving his bachelor's degrees he hopes to pursue his passion for renewable energy as an engineer.