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Current Research Initiatives

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The GW Solar Institute partners with leading GW faculty to pursue research projects in a wide range of disciplines, including science and technology, economics and finance, and law and policy. We also collaborate with academic researchers, industry leaders, and solar experts from across the country.  

Current focus areas include:

Solar Legislation: Working with Congress to develop new clean energy policies, including how to fit clean energy within the context of upcoming comprehensive tax reform.

Low-Income Solar: Adapting existing housing assistance programs and creating new financing models and policies to unlock solar for all Americans.

Utility of the Future: Modeling the potentially profound impacts distributed generation and self-generation could have on the existing centralized grid paradigm. 

Model States: Analyzing leading solar states to identify what works and what can be replicated.

Solar Jobs: Calculating solar jobs by state and assessing key data trends.

Grid Integration and Resiliency: Finding ways to integrate variable solar resources seamlessly into the nation's electric grid, including the management of short-term intermittency with energy storage buffers.

Energy Markets: Evaluating different state laws and regulations which help or inhibit the growth of solar energy and the transition toward a sustainable energy system with more accurate price signals.

New Research

Press Conference

DC Releases Groundbreaking "Value of Solar" Study

Author:  Melissa Whited | Ariel Horowitz | Thomas Vitolo | Wendy Ong |Tim Woolf

Organization:  Synapse Energy Economics

Report Date: 2017

Converting Flat Rate Subsidies to Low Income Solar

Can Electricity Rate Subsidies Be Reallocated to Boost Low-Income Solar?

Author:  Amit Ronen | Dor Hirsh Bar Gai | and Lucas Crampton

Organization:  GW Solar Institute

Report Date: 2016


Will Solar Burn Out On Its Own Success?

Author:  Amit Ronen and Josh Harmon

Organization:  GW Solar Institute

Report Date: 2016