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Author: Cochran, Jaquelin | Bird, Lori | Heeter, Jenny | Arent, Douglas
Organization: National Renewable Energy Laboratory | Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis | Clean Energy Solutions Center | Clean Energy Ministerial
This US government report documents diverse approaches to effective integration of variable renewable energy among six countries—Australia (South Australia), Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Spain, and the United States (Colorado and Texas)—and summarizes energy policy best practices. The study finds there is no one size...
Author: Abromowitz, Jeffery | Bronski, Peter | Creyts, Jon | Crowdis, Mark | Glassmire, John | Guccione, Leia | Lilienthal, Peter | Madrazo, Maite | Mandel, James | Rader, Bodhi | Richardson, John | Seif, Dan | Tocoo, Helen
Organization: Rocky Mountain Institute | CohnReznick | Homer Energy
This RMI Study found that distributed electricity generation, especially solar PV, is rapidly spreading and getting much cheaper and distributed electricity storage is doing the same, due mostly to largely to mass production of batteries for electric vehicles. This trend is undermining traditional utility business...
Author: Brown, Phillip
Organization: Congressional Research Service
This CRS report analyzes the European Union countries’ policies to deploy and develop photovoltaics and onshore wind energy through its goal to derive 20% of total energy consumption from renewable energy by 2020. 
Author: Hansen, Lena | Lacy, Virginia | Glick, Devi
Organization: Rocky Mountain Institute
This Rocky Mountain Institute report provides an assessment of various methodological best practices and information gaps surrounding studies of the costs and benefits of solar systems.  The effort found that there is considerable range in assessed values and that the most significant benefits from distributed solar...
Author: Broderick, Robert | Ellis, Abraham | Fox, Kevin | Lindl, Tom
Organization: Interstate Renewable Energy Council
The IREC paper discusses planning efforts that are being contemplated or implemented by utilities across the United States to accomodate distributed generation.   It also proposes an Integrated Distribution Planning approach to proactively plan for distributed generation.  
Author: Perez, Richard | Zweibel, Ken | Hoff, Thomas
Organization: GW Solar Institute | SUNY-Albany | Clean Power Research
This report identifies a full range of benefits from solar electric power plants including environmental, fuel price mitigation, outage risk protection, and long‐term economic growth components and estimates the combined value of those benefits to utilities’ ratepayers and society’s taxpayers with a specific case...
Author: Paidipati, J. | Frantzis, L. | Sawyer, H. | Kurrasch, A.
Organization: National Renewable Energy Laboratory | Navigant Consulting
The NREL study models market penetration of rooftop photovoltaics in the United States in a variety of scenarios and on a state-by-state basis for years 2007 to 2015. The report found significant potential for rooftop solar in the United States in terms of potential cumulative installations and contributions to future...
Author: Perez, Richard | Kivalov, Sergey | Hoff, Thomas | Dise, John | Chalmers, David
Organization: GW Solar Institute | SUNY-Albany | Clean Power Research
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Author: Hernandez, Mari
Organization: Center for American Progress
This Center for American Progress brief finds that the recent increase in solar rooftop installations are occurring primarily in middle-class neighborhoods by relatively affluent homeowners.    
Author: Ardani, Kristen | Seif, Dan | Margolis, Robert | Morris, Jesse | Davidson, Carolyn | Truitt, Sarah | Torbet, Roy
Organization: National Renewable Energy Laboratory
The NREL report analyzes soft cost reduction trajectories, and compares those with the cost-reduction goals of the US Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative. The report found that at both residential and commercial scales, the current trajectory case does not achieve US DOE SunShot Targets by 2020.