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Author: Melissa Whited | Ariel Horowitz | Thomas Vitolo | Wendy Ong | Tim Woolf
Organization: Synapse Energy Economics
On April 12, 2017, the Office of the People’s Counsel for the District of Columbia released two groundbreaking studies on the value of rooftop solar to DC residents. The analyses, which are the first to employ the emerging “Value of Solar” (VoS) methodology to assess the full range of costs and benefits associated...
Converting Flat Rate Subsidies to Low-Income Solar Installs
Author: Amit Ronen | Dor Hirsh Bar Gai | and Lucas Crampton
Organization: GW Solar Institute
Millions of Americans struggle to pay their energy bills, with low-income households spending an average of 7.2 percent of their household income on utilities, over three times more than higher income households. Given the proven ability of residential solar systems to decrease monthly electric bills, rooftop solar...
Author: Amit Ronen and Josh Harmon
Organization: GW Solar Institute
In this report, which appeared in PV Tech's May 2016 Power Magazine, Amit Ronen and Josh Harmon of the GW Solar Institute analyze how the value of solar generation tends to decline as it becomes an increasingly greater share of any one region's energy mix.  The article also discusses ways to mitigate solar devaluation...
Reforming the Power Sector: How Electricity Sector Reforms Will Impact China’s National Emissions Trading Scheme
Author: Josh Harmon | Xieyao Chen | Michelle Ker | Matthew Nitkoski
Organization: The George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs
This report analyzes how China's national carbon emissions trading scheme (ETS) will interact with its power sector. It covers the seven ETS pilots, ETS and power sector stakeholders, electricity pricing, and China's unique dispatch model. 
Author: Joshua Harmon | Alison Patch | Matthew Nitkoski
Organization: The George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs
This paper begins with the history of net metering in the United States and its evolution over time. It then analyzes the net metering debates in California and Nevada, outlining the political players, relevant arguments, and policy outcomes. It concludes by outlining various possible solutions to the question of how...
In this webinar, Geoff Klise from Sandia National Laboratories, and Jamie Johnson from Solar Power Electric discuss the recently released PV ValueTM spreadsheet tool developed for the appraisal and real estate industries to aid in making a market value determination for residential and commercial solar PV systems.
PDF Guide to Code Official Inspection of PV systems
Author: Ken Kramer
Organization: Principal Solar
Organization: The Solar Foundation | BW Research Partnership | GW Solar Institute
Now in its sixth year, the annual National Solar Jobs Census is the nation’s only comprehensive solar jobs assessment produced by The Solar Foundation and BW Research Partnership, in partnership with the GW Solar Institute.
Author: Amit Ronen | Max Grossman | Joshua Harmon | Aaron Patron
Organization: GW Solar Institute
The Global Solar Council, founded by 17 leading members of national and regional solar industry associations from both established and emerging markets, was launched on December 5, 2015 to serve as unified voice for the global solar industry. The Council's debut during the pivotal COP-21 climate talks in Paris...