Leading Chinese TV News Program Interviews Former Director Ronen

Chinese interview
September 25, 2017

On September 25, 2017, China Global Television Network anchor Elaine Reyes spoke with Institute Director Amit Ronen about China's solar energy industry. CGTN English is the flagship channel is China’s new international media organization and Ms. Reyes Washington DC based show airs in China during the prime morning hour.

Director Ronen highlighted China’s rapid ascent to the world’s solar nation, measured by both the scale of their solar equipment manufacturing capacity and having by far more solar power installed that any other country. In the first half of 2017, China installed almost 25 gigawatts of new solar capacity, more than all of Europe, and is likely to install 45 gigawatts in 2017, around the same as all of Germany’s current capacity.

Director Ronen also explained how China had already met their ambitious 2020 target to install at least 105 gigawatts three years ahead of schedule. This is the second interview Ronen participated in on CGTN. In August, he was interviewed live on CCTV America's flagship business show, Global Business America.