Institute Supports Launch of Global Solar Council

Flyer cover
December 05, 2015

The Global Solar Council, founded by 17 leading members of national and regional solar industry associations from both established and emerging markets, was launched on December 5, 2015, to serve as a unified voice for the global solar industry.

The Council's debut during the pivotal COP-21 climate talks in Paris highlighted the need for both a single organization to represent the solar industry on the world stage and the key role that solar energy will play in meeting international greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.

During the Paris talks, a number of pioneering solar related initiatives were announced, including the formation of the International Solar Alliance by India’s prime minister Narendra Modi which aims to boost solar energy deployment rates​ amongst the 110 emerging nations located between Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn; the private sector-led Terrawatt initiative which is seeking to secure $1 trillion to build a terawatt of solar by 2030; and a joint effort of the African Union and African Development Bank which plans to deliver at least 300 gigawatts of new renewable electricity-generating capacity to the continent by 2030.

The GW Solar Institute authored and designed the Global Solar Council’s release document, which uses accessible text and graphics to introduce the new Council and highlight that:

  • Solar Already Cost-Effective Today
  • Solar Most Versatile Form of Electricity
  • Solar Key to Meeting Climate Goals

The new Alliance will be headquartered in Washington DC and will continue to try to foster unity between solar interests worldwide by securing additional members from more solar industry organizations as well as leading solar companies.