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Global Solar Council

Author:  Amit Ronen | Max Grossman | Joshua Harmon | Aaron Patron

Organization:  GW Solar Institute

Report Date: 2015

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The Global Solar Council, founded by 17 leading members of national and regional solar industry associations from both established and emerging markets, was launched on December 5, 2015 to serve as unified voice for the global solar industry.

The Council's debut during the pivotal COP-21 climate talks in Paris highlighted the need for both a single organization to represent the solar industry on the world stage and the key role that solar energy will play in meeting international greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.

The GW Solar Institute authored and designed the Global Solar Council's release document.

Key Take-Aways: 

  • Solar is already cost-effective today
  • Solar is the most versatile form of electricity
  • Solar is key to meeting international climate goals

Key Facts: 

  • Today, solar is one of the cheapest forms of electricity globally. Solar PV panel prices have dropped 80% since 2009 and COP-15 in Copenhagen. 
  • Solar is already the least cost option in many regions and will become increasingly competitive. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, utility-scale PV system costs will halve by 2040 to only $0.69 per watt  ($2014).
  • Solar is the most versatile and democratic form of power available because it can be used in many sizes and applications anywhere in the world. 
  • Solar can make significant contributions towards meeting international climate goals. Starting in 2022 and beyond, more emissions-free solar will be installed than any other energy source, including all fossil fuels combined. 

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