Former-Director Ronen Discusses Opposition to Solar and its Unlikely Allies in RealClearPolitics Interview

RealClear Politics
October 17, 2014

Carl Cannon of RealClearPolitics asks Director Ronen about the recent developments on the political side of solar energy, such as the support of Tea Party affiliated groups. Ronen explained that in some regions of the country there are growing tensions between utility companies and solar energy consumers and that solar energy is increasingly seen as a disruptive force to the traditional centralized generation model. He explains that there has been significant pushback from utility companies, but that in states like Arizona, folks from across the political spectrum are saying that their local utilities shouldn’t prevent customers from producing their own energy. Ronen also mentions interesting developments in Georgia where alliances between environmental groups and tea party groups are trying to make sure that consumers have the option to install solar energy on their homes.  

Carl Cannon also asked Ronen about efforts by utility companies to offer solar energy to their consumers. Ronen acknowledges that while there are some instances of cooperation, many market followers wonder why more utility companies aren’t embracing solar energy and offering it to customers. Ronen explains how solar companies have responded to this consumer demand with innovative financing mechanisms like solar leasing models that allow Americans to install solar systems with no money down and monthly savings on their utility bills.

Director Ronen also talked about how solar prices are quickly reaching parity to traditional energy sources and he believes that in the next few years, solar energy has the potential to be the cheapest energy source.