Economics and Cost Trends

Solar energy price and cost trends, including balance of system costs, and relative competitiveness with other energy sources.

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Will solar PV prices continue to decline?

While there have been some technological advances that account for the remarkable 80 percent reduction in photovoltaic (PV) panel prices over the last five years or so, 


Will my home’s solar system need a lot of maintenance?

A well-installed solar system should require very little maintenance over its expected 25 plus year lifetime. The main reason is that solar systems have no moving parts that wear out over time.


How might comprehensive tax reform impact the solar industry?

The three most recent major tax reform proposals offered in Congress could increase solar system installation prices by as much as 58 percent as compared to the current tax regime.


Do solar panels increase the value of my home?

A January 2015 study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that homebuyers would be will


Will Congress extend solar tax incentives expiring in 2016?

The 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for residential and commercial solar systems will expire on December 31, 2016, after which the ITC credit drops to 10% for commercial systems and


How do solar incentives compare to other energy source subsidies?

Government incentives and subsidies, specifically at the federal level, are crucial to bringing any new source of energy to commercialization and allowing it to compete in the marketplace. 

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Does having solar on my home increase its value?

Historically, home appraisers have been reluctant to include solar system values in their home assessments.


How big is the US solar industry?

The US solar industry is growing so fast that new data collected on the industry is almost out of date as soon as it’s published.

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Does GW use solar power?

GW is working hard to become a leader in solar energy and has created several projects to achieve its goals.