Director Ronen Participates in RealClearPolitics Energy Summit

Amit Ronen
May 21, 2013

Noted political news and opinion website RealClearPolitics hosted a luncheon panel in which GW Solar Institute Director Ronen discussed the nexus between renewable energy and government policies. The event, Energy Summit: Fueling America's Future, sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute, featured a panel with top representatives from every energy sector. In his talk, The Growth Potential of US Renewable Energy, Ronen offered an insightful look on the status and future of renewables in the United States based on his many years of experience developing energy policy in the US Senate. Ronen highlighted the findings of the GW Solar Institute report, Energy Incentives: The Power Behind the Power, which analyzes the historic role of government in the development of every primary energy technology utilized today.

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