2014 Solar Symposium - Reactions and Outcomes

Bridging the Solar Income Gap

Following the 2014 Solar Symposium, the GW Solar Institute released Bridging the Solar Income Gap, a working paper that provides specific recommendations expanding solar energy in lower income communities. The paper presents several policy recommendations and tools for federal, state, and local policymakers and serves as a starting point for addressing the solar income gap. The paper also incorporates refinements to reflect ongoing discussions and emerging solutions. 

Planet Forward Video Interviews

Overview Video

Prior to the 2014 Solar Symposium, Planet Forward interviewed solar thought leaders and DC community members to discuss how solar energy can be a solution to energy affordability.

Red Room Interviews

During the 2014 Solar Symposium, participants shared their feedback and ideas for expanding solar accessibility and affordability. Below is a compilation of Planet Forward's interviews with GW students, speakers, and solar industry leaders. 

Planet Forward Infographics

​The GW Solar Institute partnered with Planet Forward to create content to help frame the discussion on the need for expanding access to solar energy for all Americans. 

​A Solar Boom, But Not for All

Bringing the Light of Solar Wealth to Low-Income Families