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Author: Mai, T. | Wiser, R. | Sandor, D. | Brinkman, G. | Heath, G. | Denholm, P. | Hostick, D.J. | Darghouth, N. | Schlosser, A. | Strzepek, K.
Organization: National Renewable Energy Laboratory
This NREL study provides an analysis of the grid integration opportunities, challenges, and implications of high levels of renewable energy generation for the U.S. electric grid system. 
Author: Eckhardt, Lauren
Organization: GW Law School
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Author: Coddington, Michael | Mather, Barry | Kroposki, Benjamin | Lynn, Kevin | Razon, Alvin | Ellis, Abraham | Hill, Roger | Key, Tom | Nicole, Kristen | Smith, Jeff
Organization: US Department of Energy | Sandia National Laboratory | National Renewable Energy Laboratory | Electric Power Research Institute
This government study evaluates the origins and usefulness of the capacity penetration limits (or “screens”) used to fast track interconnection processes, offers short-term solutions to allow faster interconnection for PV systems, and recommends long term solutions for increasing PV deployment levels safely and...
Author: Dean, Jesse | Smith-Drier, Christine | Mekonneen, Gete | Hathrorne, Wendy
Organization: National Renewable Energy Laboratory | Northeast Denver Housing Center | Groundwork Denver
This case study details a residential financing model and job-training program that the Northeast Denver Housing Center (NDHC) and a team of partners implemented to install solar on low-income rentals and multi-family homes. NDHC used private equity, federal tax credits, utility rebates, and grant money from the...
Author: Sturtevant, JL
Organization: GW Law School
This paper explores the feasiblity of extending the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) model to solar projects. Just as REITs have spurred investment into commercial real estate, Solar-REITS (S-REITs) could open up solar projects to small investors, increasing capital flows into solar energy markets. The income...
Author: Alhouti, Aljowhara
Organization: GW Law School
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Author: Bayaliyev, Alim | Kalloz, Julia | Robinson, Matt
Organization: GW School of Public Policy and Public Administration
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Author: Castillo, Ariel S. | Deason, Jonathan
Organization: GW School of Engineering | National Association of Environmental Professionals
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Author: Ramsey, Katherine
Organization: GW Law School
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Author: Zweibel, Ken
Organization: GW Solar Institute
The research investigates how long-lasting solar PV systems with predictable, low operating costs impacts decisions on solar system deployment. It evaluates whether project lifetime calls for policies to deploy more PV solar sooner.