Current Research Initiatives

The GW Solar Institute partners with leading GW faculty to pursue research projects in a wide range of disciplines, including science and technology, economics, law, and policy. We also collaborate with academics, industry leaders, and solar experts from across the country.  

Current focus areas include:

  • Solar Legislation: Working with Congress to develop new clean energy policies, including how to fit clean energy within the context of upcoming comprehensive tax reform.
  • Low-Income Solar: Adapting existing housing assistance programs and creating new financing models to enable low-income DC residents to go solar.
  • Utility of the Future: Modeling the potentially profound impacts distributed generation and self-generation could have on the existing centralized grid paradigm. 
  • Model States: Analyzing leading solar states to identify what works and what can be replicated.
  • Solar Jobs: Calculating solar jobs by state and assessing key data trends.
  • Grid Integration: Finding ways to reduce cloud impacts on output rates for utility scale solar. 
  • Energy Markets: Evaluating different state laws and regulations which help or inhibit the growth of solar energy and the transition towards more accurate price signals.